Our Mission

To celebrate the diversity of the people of Brooklyn and that of the people of the United States of America by uniting as members of one extended family, under the flag, and in accordance with the virtues of patriotism.

Love of God, Love of neighbor, Love of country.

-“Patriotism is a Virtue”: Ven. Fulton Sheen

Our Purpose

  • WHEREAS. We hold that the Declaration of Independence remains the greatest manifesto on human rights and self-governance ever created. Having stated to the world in 1776, the belief that human rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are “inalienable rights” that come from our “Creator” and that despite the imperfect nature of the human condition, the Declaration establishes the proper standard for which we need to strive as a unified people.
  • WHEREAS. We, the members of the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus. On our honor as Catholic gentlemen and as fellow Americans, have committed ourselves to the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Imbued with a sense of both civic and religious duty, have pledged to promote these principles for the common good.
  • WHEREAS. We hold that the best method to tackle societal ills is a return to the virtue of patriotism through the trifold, ancient concept of “Pietas.” Defined simply as “Love of God, Love of Neighbor, and Love of Country.” We further hold that the concept of “patriotism” also lies with the view that our fellow Americans, regardless of our differences, are members of an extended family to be treated with mutual civility and respect.
  • We, the members of the Patriotic Degree of the Knights of Columbus. Having conducted patriotic celebrations in the Borough of Brooklyn on 114 previous occasions, endeavor to emerge from the recent pandemic and societal division experienced in recent times with a new sense of purpose. With a firm reliance that our actions will be pleasing to our Lord and Creator above, wish to extend a loving hand to our neighbors to join us as one unified, American family to celebrate our nation’s 246th birthday. Under our nation’s beautiful flag and in accordance with our nation’s motto.

E Pluribus Unum“Out of many. One.”

-a traditional motto of the United States, appearing on the Great Seal.